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In this project, I worked on a team of developers and designers to redesign a food service website.

One reason this project was special is that we had the opportunity to speak with the actual entrepreneurs that own the website to get an understanding of the markets they are targeting. DIY Takeout is unique in that instead of providing already prepared takeout food items, they provide the ingredients and recipes necessary for customers to cook the dishes themselves.  It targets young adults that are in too much of a rush to do a lot of research on cooking new dishes but still would like to be adventurous eaters.

We developed 2 navigation paths for users on the website. The first is to order food now and the second is to explore the different types of food the website offers. We made this decision to aid customers in discovering new content on the website while still accommodating users that know exactly what they want and want to order quickly.

I worked both on the front and back-ends of implementing the redesign of the website. We used WordPress as a content management system/back-end because we wanted it to be easy for the client to maintain and update the website moving forward after the redesign. I handled the set up of the WordPress installation and setting up custom post types for adding new restaurants and recipes to the site. On the front end, I also handled the website pulling the correct information from the WordPress database.

If the project were to continue, next steps would include running usability tests and heuristic evaluation on the site to validate our interaction design.