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  1. Threes: Addictive Gaming through Animation and Sound Effects

    Hey friends, Lets talk about Threes. Threes is a game about numbers and sliding and bigger numbers and it’s all very fun and worth your 3 dollars, I swear. But I’m not writing this post to talk about why Threes is a fun game, I’m writing it to talk about why Threes is a great […]

  2. CSS Trick: background property = scrolling div “windows”

    Today CSS blew my mind. I frequent the gaming website Polygon and recently they had a post for their Top 10 games of 2013. The list of games has a scrolling effect where each item in the list is a div with a background image, but the div scans across the image, which remains stationary, as […]

  3. When your omnibar assumes

    The Omnibar. Google Chrome’s all in one search and address bar was one of its most innovative features when the web browser hit the scene years ago. Google decided that we could save space by combining the search and address bars and just having the browser recognize the user’s intention, making more room for the […]

  4. You Are Here

    One of my favorite websites to catch up on pop culture and media is The AV Club. It features a lot of media reviews and long-form content. Recently they completely overhauled the website’s visual design, making it generally cleaner and bolder in its use of images. One really nice interaction they added to the website […]

  5. Time(line)s Are Changing

    For my first UX post, we have a twofer! I want to talk about 2 interfaces I use for my social networking fix that recently changed the way they display certain media. The Facebook news feed and the Twitter timeline. Let’s start with Facebook. Facebook: Video Fun Time Facebook has added video into the news […]

  6. Blog Start

    I think it’s time I got some UX street-cred, so I’m going to start a blog about some experiences I’ve had with products that I approve of and some I don’t. …And maybe some general things about my perspective on the tech industry.